Solar Water Heaters


If you haven’t made the switch yet, this is your sign. Switch to solar water heaters. That way, you are using free energy! Free and abundant.

Want more reason?

  • Solar thermal panels are smaller and cheaper, requiring only 2 or 3 panels.

  • They are efficient. Approximately 80% solar radiation is turned into heat energy.

  • You save money on electricity bills.
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    Latest Solar Water Heating Technology

    Sayok’s Solar Water heaters use the world’s latest solar water heating technology and are specially designed for the India conditions.

    Vacuum Insulated Glass Tubes

    Best vacuum insulated and special grade borosilicate glass tubes which are also double and triple layered..

    Electrical Backup

    Electrical backup provided for the non-sunny days.

    Space-Efficient Design

    Occupy less space compare to the flat plate system

    Easy Installation in Hard Water Areas

    Easy installation in hard water areas

    Thermal Insulation

    Puff or polyurethane foam which provides thermal insulation is used in Stainless Steel tanks.

    Low Maintenance and Long Life

    Zero or no maintenance with a long life.

    Various Capacities Available

    Available in various capacities

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