Sayok Inverters


Ever wondered what it would be like to live without the use of inverters? Sayok Inverters can provide you with a seamless supply of current and you will not have to worry about a sudden blackout ever again. Inverters convert the direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) and it helps in converting your renewable energy sources and transferring it to power your devices like air conditioners and electric vehicles.

DSP Control

DSP used for power conversion control and regulation.

LCD Display

LCD screen displays parameters and status.

Short Circuit Protection

Dynamic short circuit protection with current limiting.

Auto Restart

Auto restart cutoff, permanent after 5 consecutive cutoffs

Low Battery/Overload Warning

Early warning for low battery and overload conditions.

SMPS Type 4 Power Supply

SMPS (type 4) ensures stable voltage and auto cut-off at full battery.

Silent 20 kHz Operation

Silent operation at 20 kHz frequency.

Technicaal Specifications

Specification Details
Battery Input Voltage 12V DC – 120V DC (various models)
Mains Input Voltage 230V AC, 50Hz
Mains Input Range 120V – 270V, 45Hz – 55Hz
Mains High Voltage Withstand Up to 300V AC
AC Output (Inverter) 220V +/- 3%, 50Hz
Inverter Output Wave Pure sine wave
Inverter Topology Bridge type center-aligned switching MOSFET based
Inverter Output Power 500 VA – 10KVA (Various Models)
Battery Charging Voltage Intelligent 4-stage charger constant current / constant voltage SMPS charging with full charge cutoff
Charging Current Settable from 1A to 15A
Charger Working Range 120V – 270V AC Mains input
Inverter Protection Overload, short circuit, battery deep discharging
Charger Protection Overcharge, battery disconnection during charging
Display Interface LCD interface or LED interface choice
LCD Display Shows Battery voltage, inverter output voltage, loads, mains voltage, charger on/off, solar charging, inverter standby on/off, UPS mode/inverter mode
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