Solar Panel


Using solar energy is a step towards sustainable living. And with Sayok, we can help you by taking the first step. Make the switch to Sayok’s solar panels to power your households and commercial spaces. Sayok produces two types of solar panels. Half cut series and Bifacial series.

We distribute APF Solar Products all over Kerala

Quality control in solar panel

Solar panels undergo stringent quality control measures to meet high design and manufacturing standards.

Positive Tolerance for Reliable Output

High-grade raw materials from reputed international suppliers are utilized in solar panel production.

Thorough EL Testing for Inspection

The panels have a positive tolerance of up to 4%, ensuring reliable output and performance

High Efficiency: Solar Cell and Module Efficiency

Thorough EL testing is conducted on all solar cells or modules to ensure comprehensive inspection

High Performance in Low Light Conditions

Solar panels exhibit excellent efficiency, with solar cell efficiency reaching up to 21.2% and module efficiency up to 18%.

Reliable with Premium Materials

premium quality raw materials and advanced manufacturing processes enhance module reliability.

Resistance to PID and Snail Trail

The modules are resistant to PID and free of snail trails, minimizing micro-crack occurrence and enhancing durability

Technical Excellence

  • System voltage: 1000 Vdc/1500 Vdc
  • 72 cell configurations with wattage rating from 335W to 400W
  • Torsion and corrosion resistant with Silver Anodized Aluminum Frame
  • BIS/IEC Approved
  • Consistent high performance even in low irradiance conditions, with regular calibration module testing at Hi Physix Laboratory
  • Significantly improved energy conversion efficiency, achieving a fill factor greater than 76.07
  • Backed by 30 Years of Performance Warranty
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